Fan Coil & Heat Pump Maintenance

Our semi-annual maintenance program will ensure the fan coil unit and heat pump are properly cleaned and operating efficiently. Annual maintenance program can detect early signs of mold/water damage which occur over time. We offer custom fan coil remediation program for buildings with older fan coil units.

In-Suite Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

Our annual dryer exhaust cleaning plan will protect your home & its contents from fires, smoke and pollutants, significantly reduces energy operating costs, dryers run more efficiently and dryers will last longer clothes will dry faster.

In-Suite Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning

This service will improve the amount of air to be exhausted from the kitchen and the bathroom which will increase the life of your exhaust fan unit.

Even though this unit exhausts air to the outside, there will be an increasingly amount of debris build up over time. There is always a chance of mould, bacteria and fungi growth in this exhaust system, which when not in use can affect your indoor air. We will fully clean and sanitize your kitchen and bathroom exhaust system.

In-Suite Duct Cleaning

The removal of contaminants from the entire HVAC system is recognized by industry experts as the most effective way to eliminate air duct pollutants. This is referred to as the source removal method of duct cleaning.

In addition to the obvious health benefits, duct cleaning can help you maintain a cleaner atmosphere at your place. It also helps restore HVAC system capacity and lessen running time, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills.

Make Up Air Shaft Cleaning

Make Up Air or Replacement Air Units is a system that continuously replaces the air being exhausted with fresh air. This air can be heated, cooled, humidified, dehumidified, filtered, or simply moved by an induction fan. Most importantly, air replacement solves the problem of air contamination, exchanging stale air, eliminating drafts and maintaining proper comfort zones.

Laundry Room Vent Cleaning

Our laundry room vent cleaning program is a comprehensive solution for maintenance and cleaning of all the parts of vent. This service will consist of the dismantling of the dryer, the lint build up, the exhaust fan housing and all associated ductwork connected from the dryer to the exterior of the building. We will also check the carbon dioxide levels in laundry rooms as well as installation of carbon dioxide detectors and calibration of installed equipment.